Thanks to Arts Qld for funding




I’m very grateful to Arts Qld for funding towards my next big exhibition project entitled Australien Future – tales of migrants.

I rediscovered some silent film footage my grandfather (Opa) took on the migrant ship that he and his family were travelling from Holland to Australia on in 1955. The traditional ship board entertainment of the crossing the Equator ceremony involves tarring and feathering new arrivals to the ship, to test their fortitude. I watched in amazement as I realised the words ‘Australien Future’ had been daubed upon my young migrant father’s chest.  The poignant Dutch spelling made me again make the silent, sad connections about the change in attitudes to the new arrivals who wish to join us in this country.

The images I pull out hold some promise for further connections between my own migrant history in parallel with the migration stories of the waders that visit our shores. Migratory birds travel huge distances of thousands of kilometres driven by the basic needs for safety and food, and to be able to reproduce and raise their families in a safe place over the harsh conditions of their breeding grounds.

I hope to raise conversations about attitudes to different migrating people groups and why some birds/people are more vulnerable than others.

This exhibition will be held at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland from December 2018 – Jan 2019




William Jolly Bridge Projection




Images-  Damien O’Mara

The William Jolly Bridge will be lit up each evening with artwork projections from the Migratory Birds and Suitcases watercolour works to celebrate the event the End of the Line Festival 1-5th November 2017

‘Deb Mostert’s ongoing interest in themes of collection, memory, and sacredness sees her hunting second hand stores, gift shops and antique centres in search for items that have a past and then presenting them in new stories and images. To celebrate the ‘End of the Line’ festival, Council presents Mostert’s artworks which feature vintage suitcases – a symbol of the travel and migration birds and people take to arrive in Australia.’

This Light Up is organised by Brisbane City Council and curated by CreativeMove.



new public art work Redlands

I have had the opportunity to paint a large mural for the Redlands Council in conjunction with Creative Move and the Redland Art Gallery. ‘We visit every year’ draws attention to the stories of our migratory shore birds and the precarious nature of their habitat in our bay areas. It also references visitation, holidays and return visits to our beautiful bay areas.

Thanks to Creative Move for giving me this opportunity and for their unwavering support through out the process and to Redlands Council for having the vision for Public Art in their community.

It was a challenge to paint the mural in panels in my studio, then transport them and have them attached to a giant framework to instal on the side of the IGA building in Wellington Point Village. Many people helped make this happen and I am grateful for their support.

overseas travel

I am heading to Ukraine for 3 weeks in March and The Netherlands for the 4 weeks of April. It will be both a challenging and recharging time and I hope to do much drawing and documenting while travelling. You can follow along if you like on Instagram and Facebook.


15 Artists

I was curated into 15 Artists at Redcliffe Art Gallery. The opening night was the first chance to see the other artists involved and I was very happy to be hanging with such  high calibre of artists. Lindy Lee’s beautiful work ‘Stealing Bamboo Shoots’ was acquired by the gallery for it’s collection. Other artists involved were Gwynneth Boyce, Keith Burt, Stevie Fieldsend, Shaun Gladwell, Judith Kentish, Sherrie Knipe, Lindy Lee, Euan MacLeod, Deb Mansfield, Lauire Nielsen, Mike Riddle, Kristin Tennyson, Kawita Vatanajyankur and Guan Wei.

Vogels en Dingen near sellout

the opening night was fun with lots of lovely people attending and many of the birds flying off to new homes.

12 out of 15 works sold before or on opening night.

My dealer Lorraine Pilgrim and Susi Muddiman (Director of the Tweed Regional Art Gallery) who graciously opened the exhibition.

My dealer Lorraine Pilgrim and Susi Muddiman (Director of the Tweed Regional Art Gallery) who graciously opened the exhibition.









a lovely gathering enjoying the hospitality of Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery


Public Art Commission

The Mater Hospital Springfield through Independant Arts Management have commissioned 12 works for the hospital rooms. An artist in residence project with local school, St Peter’s Lutheran saw us brainstorming ideas about birds and what they might collect, drawing them and then making our own birds from paper and wire.


working with grade 4 students at St Peter's Lutheran College at Springfield
working with grade 4 students at St Peter’s Lutheran College at Springfiel
'I pick one up when I go on holidays' Rock Hopper Penguin Snow Domes 2015 46 x 61 cm watercolour web
‘I pick one up when I go on holidays’ Rock Hopper Penguin Snow Domes 2015 46 x 61 cm watercolour web

New Venture coming soon







I am involved in a new venture coming soon called Art500. It’s a unique website that features original contemporary artworks from Australian artists. Every quality art work available on this site will be for sale for $500 or less.

The artists taking part are all professional Australian artists with exhibiting history and formal qualifications. Their work is wonderful and varied, they are also lovely people and artists that I admire. I am very pleased to be a part of this venture and I am sure you won’t be disappointed if you wished to join the Art500 mailing list.

McGregor Summer School

I had the great pleasure of hosting a 10 day workshop on keeping a visual diary at the McGregor Summer School, University of Southern Queensland in January. We had a huge amount of fun filling our diaries with everything we saw and experienced in that tightly packed 10 days.


model on the rocks
model on the rocks


show and tell
show and tell
sketching our 'kits'
sketching our ‘kits’


attended Future Forward













Thanks to the generosity of a NAVA and Arts Qld Travel Bursary last weekend I was able to attend Future/Forward at Carriageworks, Sydney. This is the first National Visual Arts Summit to be held in Australia. With over 40 speakers, including artists, curators, writers, academics, journalists and thought leaders from legal, media and ethics backgrounds the idea was to generate ongoing debates of the future of the Australian visual arts sector. I enjoyed the 2 days, mainly the opportunity to meet and discuss issues with fellow artists.


opening night!

Susi Muddiman, Director of Tweed Regional Art Gallery, the artist Deb Mostert, Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director of Rockhampton Art Gallery
Susi Muddiman, Director of Tweed Regional Art Gallery, the artist Deb Mostert, Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director of Rockhampton Art Gallery
Mary, Deb, Lorraine and Abbey
Mary, Deb, Lorraine Pilgrim and Abbey McCulloch
Opening speeches Deb and Philip Wolfhagen
Opening speeches Deb and Philip Wolfhagen
about to get pecked in the eye
artist about to get pecked in the eye
instal 8
A view down the space
instal 4
installation image
instal 6
Bower Birds
instal 2
Instal image
instal 5
install image
people in the space
lovely people in the space
Tracy does the official opening speech
deb and Vicki
Deb and Vicki Morley, Head of Arts at All Saints Anglican School, Merrimac


Deb Mostert and Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director of Rockhampton Art Gallery
Deb Mostert and Tracy Cooper-Lavery, Director of Rockhampton Art Gallery

Stu Larsen in the studio

A month ago I had the wonderful opportunity to have musician Stu Larsen come to the studio for a few days and sit for me.
Stu travels the world playing his music and had just come back to Australia briefly after several years touring with Passenger.
He is a very genuine fellow with a simple philosophy of travelling light though life, he has few possessions and no fixed address
and in his own words- ‘You look at me as if I’m a vagabond…. well, maybe I am’.
I’m happy to say the work I made from our time together in the studio has been selected for the
Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize held in the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville. 9th May – 13th July 2014

This biennial prize exhibition offers a $40,000 major acquisitive prize, with the winning work entering the City of Townsville Art Collection.
This year it will be judged by the new director of the National Portrait Gallery Angus Trumble.

Stu Larsen - Vagabond. oil on plywood 35 x 43 cm web

Stu Larsen – Vagabond. oil on plywood 35 x 43 cm web

Stu hangs again!

Another painting I did of Stu last year has also accepted into the Moreton Bay Regional Art Awards.

Stu Larsen - Jacinta Moore 40 x 31 cm oil on linen

Stu Larsen – Jacinta Moore 2013 40 x 31 cm oil on linen