Guest artist World Science Festival Brisbane

I have been invited by World Science Festival to be engaged in the act of drawing from the collection in WILD SKETCH over 2 nights – 24th and 25th March at the Queensland Museum.

Bolder than ever, this year’s festival is an innovative intersection between art and science, where visitors are challenged to explore the biggest questions facing humankind today across a vibrant program of talks, demonstrations and experiences.

World Science Festival Brisbane is now part of Queensland Museum’s identity and firmly part of Brisbane’s intellectual landscape.

Wild Sketch sits in the Social Science program. You can purchase a ticket for the Social Science program on Friday or Saturday night and have access to the entire Social Science offering!

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As my guests this WSFBGUEST23 promo code will be available for you to use during the festival period. Be sure to get in quick to secure your seats to your favourite events. This code is only available online, not at any of the venue box offices.

World Science festival 2021

I will be joining a panel of artists on Thursday 25th March who work across the arts and science to discuss the ‘creative collisions’ that happen at the intersection of Science and Art. I spend a fair bit of time at the museum chasing my interests of objects and natural history. Is the creative mind so different from that of a scientist or researcher? In these short, sharp sessions we’ll learn about the melding of minds to create some truly inspiring outcomes. Join us to explore these unlikely alliances and their creations.

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Artist in Residency Barcaldine

Had a great time delivering a weekend workshop on the practice of keeping a sketchbook with a group of enthusiastic local artists from Barcaldine and Longreach, central Queensland. I then spent a happy week drawing around town and filled my own sketchbook with impressions. It was great to be out back and in the company of lovely, friendly folk in a totally different landscape.


Artist In Residence at the Broome Bird Observatory

I have been privileged to be able to spend 9 days as artist in residence and experience the stunning beauty of Roebuck Bay in Broome and spend time watching and sketching the shore birds in this unique habitat. This material will help feed a body of work about migration and an exhibition late 2018 at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland. This residency was made possible with the help of an Arts Qld grant and the support of the Broome Bird Observatory.


McGregor Summer School

I had the great pleasure of hosting a 10 day workshop on keeping a visual diary at the McGregor Summer School, University of Southern Queensland in January. We had a huge amount of fun filling our diaries with everything we saw and experienced in that tightly packed 10 days.


model on the rocks
model on the rocks


show and tell
show and tell

sketching our 'kits'
sketching our ‘kits’