Interpreting the Collection – 2007

Interpreting the Collection – an artist’s view. 2007. Ipswich Art Gallery, QLD

Using artifacts, relics and small objects from the Ipswich Art Gallery collection I have set up interesting and engaging ‘conversations’ between objects. Working closely with Ipswich Art Gallery staff I collected photographs, sketches and drawings of the items for reference and have painted them in groups. The groupings or mini collections within the larger one have been selected for a variety of reasons. They may be objects that share a similar origin, objects which ‘could’ belong together or objects that vaguely echo each other.

There has been some recoding of the objects, complicating them/simplifying them, humanizing, and hinting at meaning, memory and relationship. They may involve the viewer as detectives, collaborators and interpreters to further open and enlarge the meaning of the objects and maybe renew their civic pride as co-owners of these items.