Vogels en Dingen 2015

Vogels en Dingen. 2015.  Lorraine Pilgrim Gallery, Southport

The title of the exhibition is the Dutch translation of what the exhibition discusses, at its most basic: Birds and Things. At first glance this is certainly apparent and the playful placements of birds and their imagined collections carries the threads of investigations forward from the exhibition Objects and Ornithology held at Tweed Regional Gallery 2014. Bower birds aside, the absurdity of a bird burdening itself with collections of inanimate objects ask the question of us all, why do we keep these things?

This exhibition however, moves slightly sideways and hints at deeper issues with the inclusion of several works depicting migratory birds and what they may choose to encumber themselves with. I’m particularly interested in the many diverse migrants to our shores, being of Dutch migrant heritage myself.

‘Australia is a huge raft of refugees and migrants from all parts of the globe, fleeing war and economic hardship and clinging to the edges in the hope of a life with freedom. What did people bring with them that were of such value they couldn’t bear to part with? Objects imbued with connections of homeland and cultures are of deep interest to me’