Opening of Everyday Sketchbooks

at Ipswich Art Gallery 4th March

a lovely afternoon with over 140 people who came to support and peer into my spare brains. A glimpse into 92 sketchbooks with videos of others, it has been an amazing experiment allowing my sketchbooks to be viewed in this way.

‘Decades of daily observations have been preserved through Ipswich-based artist Deb Mostert​’s sketchbook practice, and she showcases her collection for the first time in Everyday Sketchbooks.

Deb makes works spanning painting, sculpture and public art, and the learning ground for these artworks is her disciplined commitment to an everyday drawing routine. Her sketchbooks are not only where she researches, investigates, and stimulates her artistic practice, but where she records her daily life.

Almost scientific in her approach to documenting and recording, Deb blurs the lines between artist, historian, and scientist in creating her own archive.

By presenting these private sketchbooks usually reserved for an audience of one, Deb graciously invites us to peer behind-the-scenes of her artistic practice and to consider the sketchbook as a way any person, regardless of ability, can reflect upon and document their life. ‘